Wednesday, July 13, 2016

More Painting and Organization

Continuing with the house updates...I managed to get some more areas done.

My room did not get as much attention as I should have given it.  But, it was in the process of being painted during the big condo move.  I was a very busy gal.

Pictures of the before were forgotten until I was already in the process. 

Next was the laundry room.  It too was during the move.  Some of it only got 1 coat of paint and some, well let's face it, didn't get painted at all.  I wasn't about to move the washer and dryer by myself and jump over them to paint back there.  Plus, getting the dryer hose back to semi happiness is nearly impossible even with 2 people trying to maneuver it from the top.  Anyway, if it needs to be painted at a later date, like when we move out, it can be then.

Next was what was left of Sahara's room.  Bubbles bubbles everywhere!

Other than being extra space for now, I don't know what I will do in here.  It will be last if I do anything at all.

Notice how different the "whites' are?  It looks more like thick light grey and white stripes.

 Kitchen and living rooms are next.  I may wait a week or so.  It's been very busy around here and I am worn out.

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