Saturday, July 9, 2016

Flying the Coop

And their off!  I guess I can't complain too much...most of her friends left home directly after high school either away to college or just out on their own.  She said it was time for her to grow up.  (snif-snif)

Of course on move in day she has to work.  So I went through her room and made choices for her.

This girl has a major problem.
In the basket, nothing but boots! (1 pair of water shoes)

At the condo, how in the world did she get all this in her itty bitty closet at the house???

The chaos left in her old room.

Canyon hanging in the livingroom of the condo.

The boys are excited about stairs :)

Bathroom nearly put together after Sahara got off of work.

We cooked a pizza there because it is now 10 pm and we didn't eat AND to make sure the oven worked.  It did :)

More to follow as they finish getting furniture moved in and everything organized.

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