Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Condo Kids

Finally moved in and utilities on!

It's all been a little surreal.

These kids are totally spoiled, but thankfully have a lot of support.  Thank you family and friends for all that you have donated and gifted to make their new place homey.

It's not completely photo ready, but I did a walk-through anyway...

Sahara and I created this with stuff we had on hand.  Their front door and area is really needing a spruce up and Canyon can't remember which door is theirs.  Now that is solved.

The kitchen.

Thank you Nana and Papa for the pots and pans and the grocery food gift card :)

Thank you Mom (Misty) for the cleaning supplies and household essentials and pantry food.

Thank you Nanny and Pawpaw for the groceries and the silverware.

Thank you Mom (Susan) for the dishes and glassware.

Thank you Mom (Misty) for the microwave and the coffee pot.

Thank you Aunt Kristy for the bistro set, cooking utensils, knives, and toaster.

The living room.

Thank you Mom (Susan) for the recliner and end tables.

Thank you Betsy and Joel for the couch.

The spare (Canyon's) room.

The Main bedroom.

The upstairs bathroom.

Thank you Mom (Susan) for the bathroom decor.

The stairs and hall closet.

The downstairs bathroom.

That's about it!

They are planning a housewarming party for this Saturday so friends and family can come and see their new diggs.

Sahara found out she has to work that day so this may or may not happen.

Once again, THANK YOU for helping them out.


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