Sunday, May 21, 2017


What is Sahara up to now?
She is going to be published with the help of one of her professors and his wife.
They are going to do research and a paper on long term grief of family members who lost loved ones due to man-made disasters.

It's hard to read because it is a picture of a picture, but apparently a ways back (1965) there was an incident at a missile complex in Ar and it trapped/killed 53 workers.  They will interview the family members who lost loved ones to see how it effected their lives long term.

She's nervous because she doesn't know anything about writing a paper to be published.  I told her not to worry, just do it because it's another star on her resume and she will be co-writing with 2 people that have been down this road many times.  This will be her 4th extra activity she participated in through her college years.
Main Street Mission Food Pantry
Reform Service Matrix Project
Internship for Veterans PTSD (soon to be started)
Long term grief/disasters research paper (next semester)

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