Friday, May 26, 2017

Worst timing ever!

So I came home from work and Canyon was on his swing as usual. But he didn't wave and smile at me like usual. So when I was in the house looking out the window and he was just sitting there, I ask Sahara is there something wrong with him? She said that the stray yellow lab that has been hanging around got rambunctious with Hippie and managed to knock Canyon off of the swing. He came up to the chairs to get ice put on it. But then went running back out to the swing so she thought everything was fine. After getting him back to the house we looked at his leg and this is what his ankle look like.
It was now about 7:15 in the evening so off to the emergency room we went.
Borrowed wheelchair in the hospital.
Sure enough, fractured fibula. No!!!! Not right before summer. Not right before Hawaii. Not right before Special Olympics. Not right before the last two baseball games. He was sent home with crutches.
Cuddles on the couch because there's not much he can do. Crutches are not working out.
Two days later we went for a follow-up appointment. He was put in this huge boot and given a wheelchair. We were told that he's not allowed to put any weight on it for at least 2 weeks. At that time it will be re-xrayed and we'll see what we can do about Hawaii. Unfortunately this is the day before we leave for Hawaii. What a mess!

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