Saturday, May 20, 2017

Happy Graduation!!!

Oh the big day is here!  Canyon graduates at 2 pm at Tucker Coliseum from Pottsville High!

The day started out fine.  We slept in and had a late breakfast.  We started to decide exactly what it was we were going to do after graduation.  Party at a park, at Old Bank restaurant, at the house... the weather was not very cooperative (it poured last night and we expected more rain today) so we decided at the house would be the best.  So, we scrambled around to make it semi clean and presentable and then realized if we were going to have it here (or at a park) we still needed folks, cups, and a cake.  Sahara went to the store and I hopped in the shower (1 hour till go time). 30 seconds after jumping into the shower, the power went off.  Now I have wet - unstyled hair to deal with.  I thought of just wrapping a scarf around my head but that looked a little pirate-ish.  I went that way, but took it off once in the parking lot and just dealt with flat wet hair.
Hoping the power would come back on for the party.

We found Tammie, Canyon's aide and made our way to seats.

I got several pictures from other angles because they were sent to me.  These are from Tammie as the kids were waiting to march out.  Oh, and we got the memo for dark or khaki pants, a white collar shirt, and dress shoes...but we didn't hear about a mandatory tie.  OOPS!  So this is a borrowed tie from Mr. Bradley the high school principal.  He wasn't the only one.  Luckily spares were brought.

Valaria (the Prom Queen), Canyon, and Cannon
Canyon was between these two and they were put in charge of directing him as much as possible.

Here he comes.  He looks a little nervous.

Unfortunately, this year the sound was turned down too much.  We really had to struggle to hear the speeches.  Mr. T, the middle school principal gave one about disappointments in life and how if you persist, eventually you can accomplish anything. In the end he mentioned that he will be sad that his coffee and donut days with Canyon will be a thing of the past.  He has been having cowboy coffee and donuts with Canyon since 4th grade.

Canyon's name is next and Mr.T gets in position to hand him his diploma.  Mr. T. asked if he would be allowed to hand Canyon his award.

And then he ushers Canyon off stage.

Can Canyon be anymore happier?!  He loves his Mr. T.

Cannon waited below to make sure Canyon walked back to his seat.  Turns out Cannon has a little experience here as he also has a younger brother with Downs.  I didn't know that until the day before.

They cross their tassels over and head back. 

Tossing their hats at the end.

I have never seen Canyon so excited and nervous but he did everything right.  He seemed to be really proud of himself too.

Along with Sahara and I, the others that attended for him were...

Dad and Rita,

Mrs. Van Es his teacher,

Mr. T.,

Jared's mom, Susan, and Jared's dad, Randy and step mom, Nicole.

Also Carrie and Mark, James' cousins.

Back at home and so glad to have power again.
Yay!  The cake didn't melt!

He had one gift and the rest were cards.  Man did he make out in gift cards and cash!

Sahara made him this shirt for the special day.

His gift was a corn-hole game.

He got so many cards that I had to display them on the door.

13 years at Pottsville.
It's all he knows and is going to be a big adjustment to be out of school.  

Congratulations Canyon!!

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