Saturday, April 23, 2016

Area 17 Special Olympics

Here we are at Conway High School, bright and early at 8:03 am on Saturday morning.

We thought it was going to start at 8:30, but we had a longer wait.  At least the weather is nice.

Canyon was the only one at Pottsville that decided to do Special Olympics this year (except for the bowling part).  He is a team of one.
Walking in with 2 volunteers.
Jenna and Brittany.

He's out there, somewhere in the middle.

After opening ceremonies and the sun is pounding today.  It's 9:30 and we are sweating.

Shot Put was first.  He played against two Russellville students, Elijah and Matty.  He plays with these boys in baseball too.
They are the 2 in red and white next to that crazy lady with the green bag. :)

They didn't call out places this year and all the athletes got the same medal.  Even though he is standing in 2nd place, I believe he got 3rd for Shot Put.

We had to find a shade tree for the next hour.

Next was Standing Long Jump. 

It was only Canyon and this boy named Austin in their group.  Again, they aren't standing in the correct order because we are pretty sure Canyon got 1st here.
1st is needed to move on to state.  Does this mean he gets to go for 1 event this year?  We may find out Monday or in a week.

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