Wednesday, April 27, 2016


So it took nearly 16 years (next month) of living in this house to finally do something about the driveway.  First, to keep the gravel where the gravel needs to stay, and not in the grass, we got 19 railroad ties.  

19 railroad ties at 200 pounds a piece.

Jared had a friend come over and it took 3 trips in his truck to get them to the house.

Then we lined them up.

This side is not to keep the gravel out of the grass, but hopefully to help the run-off water from the field to not flood the driveway.

It took about 3 days to get and maneuver these.  Sahara and I with a dolly and a lot of muscle.

Then I ordered gravel.  2 truckloads full.

I bought and had intended to use this felt over all grassy areas after I sprayed the grass with killer, but the spikes to hold it down would not go into the ground anywhere but the front of the house.

We got one truck load on Friday and the second on Tuesday afternoon.  Why?  Because the truck driver didn't get here until after the gravel yard closed and couldn't go back to get the second load.

So, with the first load, we worked up front.  I put these steps in because I realized Malaki would not be able to get to grass from the front or carport door and might not be able to walk in the gravel well.  After I set it up, I found out he has no problem in the gravel after all, so now it's just decoration.

 After the second load, we had a lot of shoveling to do.  Since the load came while no one was home, the driver did not do such a nice job for us.

We shoveled gravel for 3 1/2 hours today.

And another 3 today.

Finished!!  That took a lot of time, money, and sweat.  I hope this cures our flooded driveway and carport problems when it rains.

Piggy's new home on the corner.

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