Friday, April 8, 2016


Canyon and his crazy teeth!
This boy will need to have at least 7 if not more baby teeth pulled this summer.  He also has 5   12 year molars (an extra???) that appear to be impacted that may have to be removed later.  He also has 2 teeth in his nasal cavity which may or may not surface somewhere at some point.
After the babies are pulled, he will be left with 9 teeth in his mouth all in the front.  Eating is going to be interesting that's for sure.  They are hoping the permanent teeth will then surface (hopefully, and hopefully at least near where they need to be).  Then we will be checking on the impacted molars.  This process will take years :(  Braces for him may be in order as well.  Paperwork has been submitted to insurance to see what they will, and will not pay for.  It will be about 8 weeks before we know and then we can start scheduling.  Poor kid!!

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