Monday, March 3, 2014

Titan = ice ice baby

Didn't really see this one coming. At least not bad enough to close schools again.  We got about an inch of ice and then a slight dusting of snow before morning.  
Jared's Titan in Storm Titan.
The streets are covered in a layer of ice.

Too bad he didn't slip on his butt!
Sahara's car is frozen stuck to the ground.
2 inch long icicles on every slat of the siding.  Never seen that before.
Look how everything has a layer of ice on it.  Even the walls of the house.
These 2 bushes are usually standing upright and are as tall as the peak.
It's noon now and snowing again.  With a high of 21, I don't think we will thaw out for school tomorrow.

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