Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Another ice day

Not so far away in this state they are dealing with this.  Some people have been stuck in their cars since Sunday and the National Guard are out looking for stranded people.
 We did get 2 days off of school/work (which will have to made up - yuck) but inside we did not stay today.
We went to Bona Dea and walked for awhile.  A man and his dog left just as we were getting there and as we were leaving a girl came to jog.  
It was pretty chilly and kind of slippery.  At least we didn't have branches fall on our heads.
Sahara tried to glide along the pathway.
We also went to Dardanelle State Park.  The road to get there was pretty slushy but the road to the Marina was solid ice.  We drove on it anyway.  YOLO!
Some districts have already lost Spring Break due to too many days off for ice/snow :{ I hope we get ours!

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