Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sahara's weekend project

Sahara decided to do a project. She wanted a place for pictures in her room and wanted to create that place herself. Not buy a premade board. We hot glued foam board on the back of the cork board because it's never thick enough and tacks poke through. Then she hot glued thin rope. Originally the rope was to tuck pictures behind, but that wasn't working so it became a design element. 
It took until the next day to figure the pattern she wanted to put them on the wall. The are held up with that double sided foamy tape. 

Pictures went up fast. 

Even before she remembered that she had bought little starfish to glue on the ropes.
She's going to take back the unused roll of rope and get more starfish to finish it. 
So until then, here's the finished project. $25. 

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