Tuesday, November 5, 2013

So this is how I work now....

Officers performed a complete sweep of Russellville Middle School Monday night
Police do a 6 am locker search before school on Tuesday.


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In case the video doesn't work or take forever to load:
RUSSELLVILLE (KATV) - Two students were arrested Wednesday after death threats were made against other students at Russellville Middle School through the online message board Ask.FM.
More than half the student body stayed home Wednesday. More than 70 percent didn't show up for classes on Tuesday.
Thursday may be a different story, though, thanks to those arrests.
Police arrested the first suspect Wednesday morning as part of a separate investigation. She originally went on the same site asking how to make a bomb, according to police, and was charged with falsely communicating a terroristic threat.
The second female suspect was interviewed and arrested Wednesday afternoon, directly connected to the Ask.FMdeath threats.
Police emphasized that while both girls were arrested for activity on the same site, they were not working together and their alleged crimes are in no way connected.
The case took major steps Wednesday morning thanks, in part, to help from federal law enforcement agencies that were able to ping the IP address from the chatroom.

Neither suspect has been identified because of their ages.

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