Sunday, November 3, 2013

Christmas came early

Even though we worked really hard a couple weeks ago to make a make-shift loft bed for Canyon, I decided to order him a real one for Christmas. I ordered it on Thursday and it arrived on Saturday. I was shocked. I was told estimated time of arrival would be mid November. Well, we couldn't just let it sit there for 2 months so we dug in. 
All the parts and pieces were accounted for even though it appeared that the box had been opened and retaped. Maybe it was delivered to someone else but was the wrong color. It came in black, white and grey. 
It took Sahara and I a little over 2 hours to get it put together. 
Finally! It's one bolt short because the hole wasn't bored out correctly to allow the bolt to fit in (wasn't a major needed part) and 5 of the 44 slat fasteners broke when we tried to get them on. They also weren't super needed because there were other components in place to keep them secure. 
His insanely thick mattress is taller then the guard rails!
 I'm not excited that the ladder can only be placed on this side because it means he has to crawl over pillows to get up and down. He likes his pillows by the wall. But it's just tall enough to get 1 of his 2 dressers underneath which was exactly what I was hoping for. Going to Lowes tomorrow for pipe insulation for the rungs. Because they are round they are hard on the feet. 
(After these pictures were taken, we flipped to the window wall and now he climbs in and out at the foot of the bed)

Merry early Christmas Canyon. 

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