Monday, October 28, 2013

Canyon's PowerPoint

Canyon has been making PowerPoints at school.  This one says '10' on it and it is the 10th week of school, so I guess he has one a week to work on.  For him, it would take awhile.  He gets 5 new vocabulary words (words he will never use, but it's exposure and that's how things go) - he is exposed to the words, the technology, typing, image search, workings of a PowerPoint, etc.  
This one is about his favorite; FIRETRUCKS !
His aide spells the word to him and he does all the typing.  He is pretty good at typing.  You can say "The, capital T, h, e, space f, i, r, ....." and he will be able to follow along and capitalize and space where needed.  He looks for images on Google and has help placing them where they go on the slide.  
Good Job Canyon!!

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