Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pumpkin Party

I got spider web stuff this year. Never used it before, but for $1 it makes a pretty good impact. 
Then it was time to decorate and get the goodies and food out. 
I used the coffee table for the paint station. 
The kids Mila brought were Ivy and GlaSean. 
Canyon was next. 
Then Sahara, Brittany and Brittany's boyfriend's sister Hunter. 
Mila, Sahara's friend Seth and I were last. 
Mila brought a very happy baby too. I think her name is Zakira. 
It took forever to get a fire started because it rained for an hour just before party time. 
GlaSean, Ivy,
Zakira and Mila leave just before dark. 
Some of the painted creations. 

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