Monday, May 20, 2013

Graduation Party

After the graduation ceremony and pictures, we all headed to Pottsville Park for cake and refreshments.  It was a little hot and humid, but it could have been pouring rain.

She shared this party with Kendall, but we had 2 other graduates there as well.

Here are Kendall and Zach (Zach used to go to school with them but transferred for his senior year to another district.  He actually graduated the day before) And Matt and Sahara.  
Sahara has known Matt and Zach since 1st grade.

Sahara and her cake.

Some munchies..

Dad came from Memphis to see her graduate and to stay for the first bit of the party.  Then he had to drive back for work that night.  He got her an engraved key-chain and a bouquet of flowers. 

Sahara got a necklace from Kendall.
Sahara had shirts made for the both of them.  
'We are best friends because our parents couldn't handle us as sisters
Sahara and Kendall

I was hoping these boots would be a surprise, but she had to be fitted ahead of time.  Luckily they arrives 3 days before graduation!

From Nana and Papa she got a NOOK !!
She received countless cards and every single one had either cash or a gift card.
Totaling $650 as of this day.  
(I know who's paying for the gas to Myrtle Beach!! hahaha)
Kendall got a purse from someone.  I'm not sure who because I was busy taking pictures of Sahara.

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