Friday, May 17, 2013

Senior Awards Day

Bright and early at 7:45 we arrived at the High School for Awards Day. 

This is Sahara's graduating class. 
She received a few awards including Honor Student and Family And Consumer Science. 
She was also one who received the Pottsville Award which was for $1000. It was a secret until it was announced. 
Oops!!  Here she is being honored for BETA. She's not in BETA. She gave this award back after the ceremony. 
Marisa - Sahara -Kendall
Sahara's scholarship total (+ another $1000)
($37,580 total)

Award for Ambassador Service
Awards for Completer in Family andConsumer  Science and Honor Graduate. 
$1000 scholarship

At school earlier she received:
January Student of the Month in AP Art. 
Financial Literary Certificate. 
Top Class Score on the End Of Class      Exam in Personal and Family Finance. 
Family and Consumer Science All A's Award. 
Visual Arts Award from the Thea Foundation. 
Human Relations All A's Award. 

And coming next Tuesday:
Pottsville High School Student of the Month for May. 

We are so proud of her!!
Tomorrow graduation and then the next chapter in her life!!

!!!! CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS SaHaRa SkYe !!!!

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