Monday, May 20, 2013

Day after Graduation

It's the day after graduation and Nana and Papa's last day here.  We went to the bowling alley to find it closed at 1 in the afternoon.  I think the owners randomly open and close when they want to.  Papa found times listed on the internet, but no signs were on the building or doors. 
So we headed to Hog Wild.  I didn't realize no one had been here before.  It's been here for several years.  It was the year everyone ended up at my house because of flight problems when we all went to Branson that summer.  Hog Wild is spendy tho so I avoided it even though the kids love it.

We did the golf.  It's not a fancy course with animation and interesting objects, just a simple 18.

Stick it girl!
It was really hot and humid and we could have gone around again if we wanted but we were done.  Home to a board game and a quick nap.  Then off to Jaymac and Aaron's graduation party.  They were in Sahara's kindergarten class :)
Their party was a little more fancy with a country twist.  It was cute and the food was amazing!! Chopped pork in BBQ, rolls, cake, potato salad, brownies, slaw, baked beans...
Aaron's dad called all the seniors up for a prayer and pictures before we ate.  We had arrived just in time!!
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