Thursday, March 19, 2020

Crazy Times

Well, the Coronavirus has arrived in the US.  Things got weird pretty quickly.  My district would not participate in AMI (alternative means of instruction) due to the district higher ups thinking the 1 or 2 days we might miss for ice or snow can just be made up at the end of the school year.  Because of the turn of events, our district was forced to do AMI.  The Friday before the governor cancelled school the week before Spring Break to give us more time to recover from the spread of the virus, we at school were on a mad dash to get packets made for the kids.  Special Ed did not need to come up with as much work as the regular ed students needed to do, however each packet had to be individualized for all core subjects.  It took ALL day with 2 of us to make packets for 10 days worth of work for 14 kids.  We did 10 days JUST IN CASE this closure would last past Spring Break.
After work on Friday, I got Canyon and headed to Walmart.  Sahara had called and said there was a run on dog food and Jupiter can only eat 1 certain kind.  They had a couple bags so we will be good for a couple weeks.  While there, I decided we might grab a few other things just in case we can't come back again for awhile.  Everyone was calm, very quiet, with deer in the headlight eyes.  Like when they walked in the store they entered the Twilight Zone. No toilet paper, no canned goods, no bottled water, no medicine, no hand sanitizer, no alcohol, no bleach, and no lysol.
I'm very lucky that at this time, my district is only excepting volunteers for things that still need to be done at school.  Answering phones, packing to-take breakfasts and lunches (they are feeding any kid who wants food on the bus routes which is really cool), assisting with parents and students who have AMI work questions... I will find out at a later time what my role may be as the governor just announced closure of schools through April 17th now which is another 10 days of AMI work that needs to be prepared.  Canyon's day center is still open but I am keeping him with me.  If I had to be at work, that's one thing, but if I'm home anyway, I don't see the point in exposing him there by sending him.

Canyon helped to accept a big donation for the Field of Angles, however we just got notice the games will be postponed until Fall.  I'm pretty sure Special Olympics in it's entirety will be cancelled.

So, for the last week, Canyon and I have been pretty much homebodies.  The garage got reorganized, a load went to donation, the flower beds out front got weeded, the car got detailed, we go on walks with the dogs when there is a break in the rain.  The rain!  So much rain! 

We have enough food, toilet paper and dog food to last a month.  Hoping April looks better. March is a wash any way you look at it.

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