Sunday, August 25, 2019

Tree Removal Time

I have been waiting nearly 6 weeks since speaking to the man from the best rated tree service to come take down 4 trees that lean toward the house.  This is after visiting the city hall and the Pope County Courthouse to find out who owns them.  There is a 10-20 foot strip of land down the whole neighborhood fence line that no one seems to own.  So 1 of the trees is actually on this property, but 3 are not. Finally, the guys came.

Hard to see but it's a guy up in a bucket.

5 o'clock rolled around and they were out in a flash.  I got a call the next afternoon that 2 of the guys ended up in the hospital due to poison oak and that they would not be coming back to do any more than what has been done.  

Which leaves all the wood piled up directly behind the fence and 4 10 foot tall stumps just over the fence.  They are more obvious in person than what shows up in pictures.  The one in the yard was completely removed stump and all. ( A 4th behind the fence was taken because it was in the way to get to the 2 big oaks so that's why there are 4 stumps back there.)

I thought of putting a bird house on each for something interesting too look at, but instead I might make them into tall woodland people houses.  

Like this but much taller:

1st I'll have to do some major poison oak control.

Different seasons, but the 2 big oaks over our heads in the Christmas picture (leaning towards the living room and Canyon's room), a spindly one to the left (leaning towards my room and bathroom) and the gum tree on the right leaning directly over Canyon's room, are gone.

Now it looks like this (which actually looks like more because everything is leaved out!)
Will have to wait til winter and check it out again.

Hey, maybe I wont have so many leaves to rake too!

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