Sunday, August 11, 2019

Sahara's New JOB

Sahara applied for a different position at the company she has been working for as her part time job for the last 5 years.  Her current position is as Canyon's waiver worker.  Her new position is full time in management and up in Rogers, Arkansas close to Fayetteville. She will have to give her 2 weeks notice at Perspectives (YaY) and also give up her wavier position which is a big bummer. This means Canyon will have a new person and it has just worked out so much better with a person we all know.  She will do training for the new job locally for about 2 weeks and then the rest of the training will be up there.  Jared has a couple of opportunities up there as well and his older brother and family live there.  So, big changes for us all in the next month!  Jared was on a bachelor party retreat for his cousin when she got the news, so I took her on a celebratory dinner.

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