Sunday, April 23, 2017

Special Olympics in Conway

What a big day Canyon is going to have today!

First up, bright and early in the morning, we headed to Conway for the Area 17 Special Olympics.  I was aware that he was chosen to be a torch runner this year, but it had slipped my mind by that morning.  Since it was really cold and rainy today, we arrived late so standing in line for 45 minutes before it began could be avoided.  As soon as we got out of the truck in the parking lot, we heard the announcement for all the torch runners to be on the field.  OH YEAH!  Sahara darted off with Canyon in tow to get him there.  
Well it turned out that not only was he a torch runner, he was the one that would bring it in! :)

This is Tamera handing it off to Canyon.  She is a local girl who he plays baseball with.

And off he goes!

Right up to the 50 yard line....and then past the 50 yard line.  Who knows how far he would have continued to run!

Really fun once in a lifetime experience!

I have a video, but Blogger isn't allowing it to load. :(

Again he was in the shot put.

Here you can see the ball in the line of people on the field.

He got 2nd place!

And the standing long jump.

1st place!

Of course he needed a picture with Kelli Collins, Miss UCA.

A 1st place usually means State bound.  This may possibly be our last State because he will no longer be an athlete of Pottsville Schools. Next year we will have to find a new organization to play with.  We will find out for sure about this years State within a week.  Even though the weather was not ideal, he had a great time today!

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