Thursday, April 27, 2017

Senior Prom 2017

WOW!  Prom is here!

Sahara is going with Canyon as his escort.  She had a black cocktail dress so we went with black, gray, and red.

It's windy and cold this year.  We made the boutonniere and wrist corsage.

Canyon struggled to get that on her wrist.

Then we headed out for pictures.

There were areas down town set up for pictures.

We ran into other classmates getting their pictures taken too.
This is Brady, Canyon and Sahara's kindergarten teacher's daughter.

Cheer leader Danielle.

My favorite at the old train.

We also ran into an old student of mine who was having pictures done with an old classmate of Sahara's for another school's prom.

Next we went for a quick dinner at a Mexican restaurant and a run back to the house so Sahara could get her car to leave for the dance.

Sahara said they did a really nice job decorating for the Arabian Nights theme.

It would be so wonderful if videos would load but unfortunately that isn't happening...


His classmates turned out to be kindhearted kids who gave this special opportunity to someone who struggles to be treated normally everyday.  What fantastic kids!  Canyon was so proud and loved to share the slow dance with the Prom Queen,Valeria, How perfect that she is so little.  Even Canyon was taller than her.

What a wonderful and fun night.  After prom was 1-6 am.  He did not attend.  That was too much.  It was a big big day for him, :) 

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