Friday, July 17, 2015

Pre - vacation drama

Our crazy luck before the vacation. Sahara has a UTI. Since her Obamacare application has still not been processed, she doesn't have insurance (on month 11 now), so we were private pay.  Good thing I have a decent amount of money in my HSA. Her doctor said it was a pretty heavy infection including blood in her urine but she had been on cranberry juice for the past four days trying to knock it out herself and that helped some with keeping her urine (bladder and kidneys) hydrated. She had to get a shot in her booty and she has to take pretty strong antibiotics for the next 10 days. She was told she has to stay out of the sun which is going to be interesting being on the cruise. Maybe I need to get a higher SPF sunscreen. Then Maliki decided he needed to have bloody diarrhea again. He had it back in the beginning of June also. This time the vet said he couldn't detect a parasite or an infection, maybe he just ate something strange. We don't know what that could be because he's in the house all day long and only goes outside to pee and he's back in again. But the vet said even eating on grass could cause that. So he's on antibiotics too (for a troubled tummy because we don't know why this is happening). Hopefully we don't have to go to the doctors anymore next week and both of them will be feeling much better.

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