Saturday, July 18, 2015

Update on Malaki

I don't know what to think about this little stinker. The vet gave him antibiotics at the clinic. When we got home Malaki started acting really weird, walking in circles, walking sideways, looking at things cross eyed, and running into furniture. We decided it's probably not a good idea to continue on the antibiotics and Sahara consulted with another vet at a birthday party who also suggested that we stop all meds. Then I realized something, he had a flea collar on for the first time in his life. I looked at the flea collar on the Internet. It had all kinds of side effects that he was displaying such as confusion, closing of the pupil, muscle weakness, and diarrhea. It just seemed to me that maybe he was having all these side effects so we took the collar off of him. For the rest of the evening he was on and off acting weird and acting normal but didn't want to eat. This morning he wouldn't eat as well. I didn't know if I should give him antibiotics or not. All he wants to do is hide under my bed be completely antisocial and sleep all day. So today he's doing better, but since he wouldn't eat, I made him chicken and rice and he finally ate it. I locked him out of my room so he wouldn't go in there anymore and hide. Then I started to think that maybe he's been acting kind of like this for the last month or so, maybe it's not JUST the flea collar. Then I had another thought. He hasn't had Jamocha to worry about who's going to eat first, to steal toys from, to fight for attention for. Maybe he's just sad and lonely. Maybe he's a big fat faker. He's driving me crazy that's for sure. But when we're on vacation I'm thinking it'll be good for him to be at Jared's house with other dogs. Max came over to visit. Malaki seemed just fine when he was over.

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