Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Suni's repair and release

Dad came to help with Suni.  It needed a new head gasket.  What a mess!  He showed up at noonish on Saturday and worked on the car until 11 pm with Sahara.

She has mechanic hands!

Sunday morning they finished up the loose ends and Monday we took it to get an oil change.  Everything seems to be working fine.
Ran it through the car wash and made 'for sale' posts on several facebook sites.

2 days later, a lowball offer was given and excepted. Because I have too much to do, too much stress, and too many bills to take care of, I basically took the first offer over $1000 that I got. 
Suni sold for $1,125 to the grandparents of a girl that goes to my kids High School. She is a year older than Canyon and the car is a surprise for her.  Funny it's going to be making the same high school trip, but call home somewhere new. Canyon will still see it in the parking lot. Hope he doesn't jump in and expect a ride home!! Haha
Next stop, getting the taxes paid on Sparki!

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