Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sick Days

I am so thankful that I have sick days to use at work.  I have 46 or so in reserve.  However, I always feel guilty using them!  Canyon was out for 6 days in November (I believe) with pneumonia and I had to take one this week for a migraine and 2 more this week for Canyon and a stomach virus.  It's not been a good school year for health. 

Even though this picture looks bright and shiny, he had thrown up 8 times.  Oh joy!  The first took ALL day to clean because it was all over his bed, wall, carpet, dresser (inside and out), and toys.  I had to throw away 6-7 books and 2 stuffed animals.  Also had to wash 3 dresser drawers of clothes.  Not only was it projectile, having a loft bed over a dresser may not have been a great idea after all.  

Between dry-heaves and moaning, he slept.  Chloe and Malaki kept watch.

For dinner he was able to hold down 2 ounces of Sprite and 1/2 cup of cooked rice.

The next morning looked better!  He slept in until 8 and put his laundry away.  Watched movies on the couch with Chloe and ate toast and more Sprite.  

Looks like it's back to the grindstone tomorrow!

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