Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sweet Pea

Malaki says: There's a kitty in there!!
Black Jack, the stray that has been hanging around for the last 2 years, is actually Black Jackie.  And she has 3 kittens now.  They are so cute, but wild and all 4 freak and run away as soon as you go to see them.  In the evening they come to catch bugs on the back patio and we watch them through the window.  We feed Chloe in the house now and have been doing that for a few months because she goes through so much food so fast sharing it with every critter in the free world.
Malaki is so tense and excited!

Last night, Malaki got out and treed one of the kitties.  This is the darker of the 2 grays and then there is a yellow tabby too.  
An hour or so earlier, the neighbor came over to ask if her daughter could have one of our kitties.  I told her they aren't ours and they are feral.  But now we had one!  I called her back and told her that one had been caught, it was eating dry cat food and seemed sweet.  She ate a ton of food too.
So we nicked-named her Sweet Pea for the time being.
With her purr box turned on, she snuggled up under my chin and cuddled.  Not feral at all.  She is flea and tick free and seems healthy but under weight.  I'm guessing 6-7 weeks old.  We are keeping her for 24 hours until the neighbor is off of work and has things set up to take her.

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