Friday, June 27, 2014

Purging the Kitchen

Been working on the kitchen this week. Took a load of cups, miss-matched cook wear, cookbooks, and other kitchen items to Marva and tossed 2 trash bags of stuff out.

Plus sold some cookbooks. 
A 'small kitchen' idea blog said to put canned items in a drawer to allow more shelf room for larger items. Giving that a try. 
Now all my food is on the same side instead of here and there. (Not having a pantry is the pits!)
And all the cook ware is on the other side. 
Wow!  Found some obsolete things to toss too. 

Got rid of the desk computer (actually it's in a pile on the floor in the living room until I find out how to get rid of it),
So my eating area is more usable. And sold the computer desk as well. 
Looking for a small bakers rack or something similar to move the microwave to on the side of the refrigerator. This will give me more much needed counter space, but I have been to over 8 stores with no luck. I'm being a little picky on what I want it to look like and how much I want to spend on it. Happy to say we have enjoyed 2 dinners and 4 lunches at the table. That hasn't happened in this house in months!


After 3 days of searching and over a dozen stores, I finally found someone selling their small bakers rack online in the next town over (a 10 minute drive).

Now I have a lot more counter space.

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