Monday, June 9, 2014

Last soccer night

There is one more soccer game with a big end of season game, but we will not be here for it.  So, since Canyon will miss the photographer, his picture will have to be one from the phone.

His volunteer, Bud, made sure Canyon got his metal too.

What a goofball.

Lots of kids and volunteers were not here tonight for some reason.  Only 20 or so players when there were 50 or so who signed up, but they took a group picture anyway. Some of the kids pictured are also volunteers and not players.

It was a very wet and rainy season.  So much rain that the whole season was pushed 6 weeks further into the year.  I don't really think Canyon liked soccer as much as basketball and baseball.  Sahara figured it was because it was a free-for-all.  It's not set up where everyone gets their turn one at a time.  You either go for the ball or hang back.  He usually went for the ball, but the other kids are faster and the ball keeps taking off in the other direction and that was frustrating for him.  We might give it another year, but we might nix this sport. 

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