Saturday, February 22, 2014

Last dance

The Jr. High gets 2 dances a year.  At the beginning of the school year I think after one of the football games called 5th Quarter and in February.  This is Canyon's last Jr. High dance.  I made him take a nap after school.  Is that weird? He will always be my baby I guess.
The theme was 'Just Dance'...the video game???  So he just wore a button up shirt and jeans.  It's always casual wear anyway.
Sahara and Jared took him and the only pictures I got back from them this time were of the back of Canyon's head.
He had a bunch of fun and girls and boys both danced with him.  Sahara said he disappeared on her and she found him with a Dr. Pepper.  They get a drink and popcorn voucher but he didn't have his voucher, she did.  But the people running the snacks gave him his anyway. 
She said he was more independent this time and got his own drink and popcorn and didn't even want help opening the can.  I told her if there was a next time, maybe he could just go himself! (not really)
No contests to win this time around.
Next dance will be at the high school next year.  Look out girls!!

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