Thursday, February 6, 2014

Maximus and Nika

The Super Bowl was just us and Jared. So it was simple build your own nachos. What a lame game though. 
Canyon sits at the window waiting for the snow from Maximus. 
But all we got was sleet and a 2 hour delay to school/work on Monday. 
Tuesday was no school due to Nika. All the no school messages came in at once. Unfortunately I got them after my alarm went off. So I was up. Plus I knew Jared was getting off of the night shift at Kroger and I wanted to see if he was going to make it home. Or here. (Home is farther by 12 miles over the river and through the woods, literally). He made it here with 2 stops to de-ice his windshield and slept most of the day. 
Pretty much the whole state covered in ice. It was called by the governor a 'state of emergency' which should mean we don't have to make this day up. We'll see if that's true later I guess. 
Our baby trees bent over due to the ice weight. 
Wednesday is a 1 hour school/work delay. And these were the trees in the pine woods on the way to work. 
Pine trees are not happy in the ice. We lost a bunch of branches on our pines too. 
Stay tuned for Orion or Pax or which ever storm will be here next Monday and Tuesday!

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