Saturday, December 28, 2013

Good-bye to Christmas

We usually bring in the new year with Christmas still up. but since I had a dead Christmas Tree (though still green) and this was the last day of warmish weather for the next week or so, we decided to pack it up a few days early. Supposed to get a bit of snow or sleet tomorrow night.
Just to see what would happen and how fast, we took our little tree to the fire pit.  

In a way, that was really sad, but it was either burn it or set it in the burn pile for however long it stays there til we get around to having a huge bon-fire. It did have a little bit of lighter fluid help but it went up faster than I thought even with the lighter fluid.

Then we took all the bills, important papers, tax forms and such I had cleaned out of the file cabinet (some dating to 1997) and added them to the fire. That felt good.
I realize we really need a better fire pit by the way! These bricks just never stay standing upright.


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