Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mom's day

Sahara, Canyon and I went to Little Rock for the day. We shopped til we dropped!

This was at the food court. We haven't been there at night before. The giant sky-light was so pretty. 
Directly under center. 
We had hot pretzels for lunch and Chinese for dinner.
2 malls and 4 shopping centers later, we made it home and I opened my gifts. 

Mom and Dad got me a fairy star pendant and earrings. Very pretty :)
Oh, and before everyone starts freaking out that this is some sort of satanic symbol of some sort...there are many meanings behind the fairy star also known as eleven star and spelled in many ways:

Meanings include :
Seven wonders of the world.
Seven visible colors in a rainbow.
Seven notes to a musical scale. 
Seven elements (earth, air, fire, water, heaven, earth and self.)
Seven directions (north, south, east, west, above, below, and within.)
Seven chakras (or energy centers) in the body. 
Seven days of the week.
All of these represent the seven pointed star. Oh, and there is the belief in fairies too ;)

Need to take a trip back soon it looks like. I'm thinking Spring Break.  Thank you Kris. 
Thank you Brian and Mel for your birthday wishes to me. 
And my kids, both biological and acquired, did the LOVE sign in sign language with their hands for this group of photos of them. I love it!!

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