Saturday, September 7, 2013

Neon Nights

First dance of the year known as 5th quarter after the football game (which of course Apaches won!) was Neon Nights. 
Canyon headed to the game with the glow sticks and bracelets we forgot to use on the 4th of July and his ticket. 
I LOVE how Canyon is keeping up with the other kids. 
(white shorts)

And of course, as he had at all the dances he's been too, he received a prize for most spirit. 
It included this shirt along with a bag a candy and more glow sticks. 
Sahara said he and another boy were 'twerking' but she had to stop them because that's not allowed at school (as it should not be allowed anywhere!) funny thing is, he's been doing that for years way before we even knew it existed or had a name. We just called it 'Canyon's booty shake'. 

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