Thursday, September 5, 2013

Happy 18th

For Sahara's 18th birthday, she only wanted to go out to eat at Las Palmas
She opened presents after ordering and barely got through them all before the food came.

$ from Grandma and Grandpa Tom
Make up from Dad and Rita
also with earrings and $
A hair curler and $ for her Tech account for 'swipe-n-go' lunches
a necklace she asked for from Nana and Papa
It's beach themed with a starfish, sand dollar, pail and shovel
From Aunt Kristy, Caleb, and Emily she got body goodies, $ and another necklace.  This one had floating charms of an S, flip flops, starfish,and a dog bone (so also beach themed)
Brittany got her pepper spray and a frame with summertime photos of the 2 of them

Also $ from Grandpa

Even Jared (yes Jared!) baked her a brownie cake
Some of her cards
And since she is considered an adult now...
...welcome to a not so childish card!
Wow her candles are bright!!
And  why is mom the only one singing??  How embarrassing.  Thanks Brittany and Canyon!

A card and VISA from Nana and Papa. 
Glad this one finally made it!!
Happy Day Sahara

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