Sunday, August 11, 2013


I have known for awhile that Facebook has local sale/swap sites and I've used them to sell some things in the past. I never bought before. I got a little crazy with it last weekend though. 
I was so tired of my pillow back couches. The pillows never stay where they are supposed to. And even tho the color and texture of the fabric looks nice, it doesn't feel so nice. So after about 6 months after I bought them new, I had made slips for the cushions and that's the way they have been for the last 21/2 years. 
These are the couches (minus the slips on the cushions).
Nice to look at but not comfy really or practical for us anyway. 
So I found some on the sale sites. This is the first one I bought. 
Really comfy oversized love seat. It was $65 and barely used by a family whose daughter is getting Make-A-Wish and her wish is a theater room. So they sold this love seat from their spare room to make room for the new theater seating. Sweetest family too. 
Then I got these
Plus a coffee table and the sofa has a hide-a-bed
Score!! All for $100!!
I realized after loading the furniture and driving away that it looks like hotel furniture. Oh well, its my hotel furniture now!!  The good thing is that they are very sturdy ( the sofa weighs a ton ) and the fabric is very durable. 
I listed my couches. 
I had to get rid of them fast because they were now in my kitchen!! So Right away I got someone interested but she couldnt pay that price. I lowered the price and lowered it until she finally agreed. Then she couldnt come get them because she didnt have a truck. Finally I offered to deliver them to her after holding them for 3 days and she said she didnt have the money. I guess she planned to hold me out  till next payday. I finally told her I had to relist them. And guess who jumped on them next?? The lady I bought the couch and chair from!!  I couldnt believe it. The lady who bought them lives in an apartment and I think they were made for an apartment.  Very light weight. 
Now my living room looks like this. 
With more furniture, it actually feels like we have more room!
So for $5 ( the difference ) I got seating for 7-8 instead of 5-6. A coffee table ( we may make a project with or paint- not a cherry person ), a queen size bed - great for sleepovers!  And no more hassle with pillows that don't want to stay lined up right. 
And when I get sick of this set up...I can just do it all over again. I don't think I'll ever buy new again.  

Then, I found this for $40. Canyon needed more clothes drawers and this goes with his other dresser. It took me a lot of stores, but finally at The Container Store in Little Rock, I found 2 black buckets that neatly fit into the cubby holes at the top. You can hardly even see them in the picture. 
The Container Store is pretty cool!

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