Wednesday, August 14, 2013

End of summer clean-up

Yesterday was fun day. Today is chore day. 
No one has swam for 3 weeks. That's usually how it goes. So since school is about to start (work for me tomorrow!!) the pool came down today. 
Pool toys deflated. 
And pumps packed away. The pool will stay out till Saturday to dry out. Luckily we will not have rain (not supposed to anyway) so it should dry pretty good. Since next year is not a big vacation year, we will keep the pool for 1 more summer. The blow up ring around the top is dried out, and brown, and sticky. I don't know what happened to it. I see other people's pools in their yards and they are fine. Maybe because ours never saw the shade. Direct sun all day long. 

While working on that, Jared and his friend came to haul off the old swing set, broken trampoline, and broken basketball goal.

They took all the metal to the scrap yard. It only came to $28 but it was only 1hour worth of work. Not too bad. They kept the $$, I just wanted the junk gone. 

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