Friday, January 20, 2012

We gave it a try....

If you have ever been to Pinterest, it is full of nifty ideas, crafts, projects, decor, fashion, words to live by, etc. We see lots of nails come thru with easy to do tips and tricks to get salon-looking nails. Last night we decided to give the tie-dye look a try.

First, coat your fingers with Vaseline, making sure not to get Vaseline on the nail. (or you can cover all but the nail with scotch tape - more time consuming but actually worked out better for us)

Next have a cup of room temperature water and a few shades of nail polish with the tops unscrewed ready to go.

Then, one color at a time, drop the nail polish into the cup in the center. It should spread out across the top of the water. If it doesn't, your water wasn't warm enough.

After 6 to 8 drops, take a toothpick and swirl the paint on the water a bit. Not too much, just to get the tie dye look.

Set your finger into the paint bent so the nail hits the water first until it is submerged. Gently blow on the water surface to dry the paint that is left there.

Take the toothpick and drag it around the top of the water to collect any left over paint. It will pull off the water like a little spider web.

Pull you finger up, let dry, remove tape or Vaseline. Top coat with clear if you want.

Misty's hand

Sahara's hand

Finished fingers. Not nearly as nice as what we saw on Pinterest, but it was a first try. Also our nails are a lot shorter then the models nails in the pictures.
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