Monday, August 15, 2011

School dayz are here again.

Sahara had no problems. She of course said she doesn't have classes with friends, but she will do fine. And in a high school with 350 students, they all have known each other forever anyway. Only problem is lunch. 350 students in one lunch period that seats 300 in a 30 minute time frame, left many students not being able to eat (or sit) including Sahara. This is something they will have to get sorted out by the end of the week or mom will have to step in. She is also going to bring her lunch the rest of the week.

Canyon was nervous from Open House on. Excited to talk about Jr. High all summer...I dont think he really got that he was going to be in a new classroom for the first time in 7 years. Really the only classroom he ever knew. At Open House he was very quiet and still with a serious face. We showed him the new classroom which was very nice but he wasn't very sure of it. After that, he really didn't want to talk about school any more. Sahara said when he was going to get off the bus, she hugged him goodbye and told him to be brave. He looked at her and said "I cant." Turned around and got off the bus. She said she was almost in tears :( But, he came home happy and word has it Mr. T, the principal from the Middle School, came by to check up on 'his boy' and had a cup of coffee with him. (they did that from time to time at the Middle School) Going to bed tonight he asked for Caudle's room for tomorrow :( (his old classroom) I think he will adjust in time.

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