Monday, August 8, 2011

Back to School Bargins

Sahara needed new pants for school. She is always cold so even when school starts back on Monday, she will wear pants. Her pants of choice are Hollister, Aeropostale, Miss Me... All ranging from $46 is you are lucky to hit a BIG sale, to $135 a pair. Not someting I am willing or able to do. So, after trying on the pants at the stores in the mall and figuring what size in what bands she needed, we hit ebay. For a grand total of $ 43 (including shipping) she bid on and won 5 pairs of Aeropostale jeans. Some are a bit frayed at the bottoms, but thats kinda how they come now new too.

On ebay, she did not win the bid for any Hollister jeans and she was a little bummed about that, but we did snag these at the Hollister store in the mall. Even the guy checking us out was floored. No, she can't wear them to school because of tears above the knees, but football games and weekends will do.

They were 50% off then 70% off of that!

For a grand total of $4.25 !! The bag they put them in with the receipt costs more then that!!

Canyon got 5 more pairs pants as well because he has gained so much only 2 pairs I had bought him at Christmas still will fit. And 7 pairs of men's small shorts. Geesh!

As for school supplies, Sahara, in high school, will not know what she needs until she hears from each teacher. Canyon has a new teacher this year and I have not heard from her and open house for jr. high is not listed on the school calendar.
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