Saturday, May 28, 2011

Special Olympics STATE!

Special Olympics 2010, we found this little tree and decided to yearly take a picture to see how both the tree and Canyon have grown.

Well, one things for sure...they both have grown in the trunk area!

This is the little water fountain where the tree lives.

We didn't realize last year that around the corner was a bigger water fountain.
He could have stayed here for days!

Our dorm room was a lot nicerthis year too. We had actual furniture instead of built-ins, a very large walk-in closet, and an actual bathroom!

Hundreds of bikers come to support the Olympics.

After all the athletes walked around the track for opening ceremonies, the bikers take their turn.
It is very loud, but very exciting!

At Olympic Town, Canyon make a beaded necklace. He also played some basketball games.
Look who showed up! If we knew ahead of time, he could have rode the track with the rest of the bikers the night before.

Standing long jump is Canyon's favorite.

He gets best of 3 jumps.

He took 4th place.

What a ham!

Next was tennis ball throw. He was almost disqualified because he kept stepping over the line :(

They moved him back and he did find :) He took 2nd place :)

We could have stayed for the dance in the evening and the events the next day, but Canyon's events were done so we left a day early. We had a great time :)
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