Saturday, May 14, 2011

PROM is ON !!

2:30 and after a nap it was time for hair. I knew she had a lot, but her style took 1 hour to do.

I took them to a friends house for pictures who has a beautiful house and view from her back yard.

(this picture is my favorite-back to back)

After they went out to eat with 3 other couples, Jared, Sahara, Seth, and Meredith came back to the house for a few pictures.

and the all-important-in-the-South's garter placement.

Next stop - PROM at Camberlayne Country Club
a quick drive to Seth's for a change of clothes and to the High School gym for After Prom. Games, activities, dancing, etc. in a lock-in till 5 in the morning.

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kearney said...

Great pictures. Sahara is so Beautiful, and Jared is handsome. they look so good together. Please tell her we are so proud of her. Love Grandma& Grandpa Kearney.