Thursday, July 6, 2017

Sleep Study

This time I prepared Canyon ahead of time by showing him the photos from last time. He seemed to be ok with it.
We got to the hospital about 45 minutes ahead of time. Canyon chose to hide in the tree hollow for most of the wait.
It made a great echo sound for his firetruck videos.
We finally go back and the process begins. So far so good.
Got a little smile, but we did have a few hiccups. He did not want to take the sleepy medicine. He did not want to wear the nose tube. And he did not want to have the 4 electrodes put on his legs.
Finally, one by one, we got those things accomplished (the nose tube not until he fell asleep though) and we were good to go.
He fell asleep quickly and slept through the night. I got 3 naps in. It was freezing!! And by 7 we were heading home. McGriddles for breakfast and in 2-4 weeks we will get the results. He did it!

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