Saturday, July 22, 2017

Road Trip - Tulsa Bound

We left Monday morning for a little trip.  As long as we have lived here, we have not visited our neighboring state of Oklahoma for some reason.  We decided to kidnap Jared's little sister Hanna.  She just turned 16   2 weeks ago and was having a bum summer.  She needed a get away as well.

3 hours later we arrived in Tulsa.  We stopped at Fat Guys Burger Bar down town for lunch.  It's a good thing we got 1 large fry to share as it was enough for 6 people!

Then we headed to the Red Roof Inn.  Not the nicest of places we have stayed at by a long shot, but it checked all my boxes:
centrally located
free parking
free wifi
free breakfast
outside swimming pool
refrigerator and microwave in room

After we unpacked, we hit the mall and then came back to swim.

Not many people staying here and the pool was ours.
We had dinner(s) in the room that we brought from home.

The next morning we went to the Oklahoma Aquarium.
I love aquariums!

After about 2 hours at the aquarium, we went sightseeing.

This is The Center of the Universe.

If you stand in this circle and talk, the people outside the circle can barely hear you.  But your own voice sounds really loud and vibrating to yourself.

Then we visited the Golden Driller.  He is 75 feet tall.

Next we went to a second mall and had lunch in the food court.

Penguins on Parade.
As a fundraiser in 2002 for the penguin exhibit, the zoo sold 100 penguin statues to be decorated and placed around the city.  15 years later only about 1/2 are still around.  We found 5.

The 5th we found at the Tulsa Zoo the next day.

After a nap, we went back to the Aquarium because today it stays open late and we got our hands stamped. :)
Dinner in the room.

Good thing this zoo has several buildings to tour like the Wildlife Trek.  A building each for Life in the Water, Forest, Desert, and Cold.
It was nice to linger in the air as much as possible.  And poor Canyon and that boot.  Lots of walking today.

The 5th penguin was found in the Conservation Center.  Another nice, cool, long building.

Outside of the Lost Kingdom.

Butterfly Gardens.

If we found a bench in the shade, it was water break time.

Canyon would very much like to jump in with this guy.

Looks like it's nap time.

After the zoo we went to Jimmy Hula's. What a fun place! 

Then for dinner....... 31 Flavors!!
None of these kids have been to Baskin Robbins before.  We had a (8-12) flavor Baskin Robbins in a gas station, but it shut down when Sahara was in preschool.

2 scoops of Yummy!
We went to the Inn for more swimming.

Red Roof was next to an Outback so Sahara and Hanna walked over at 9:30 for appetizers tonight.

Packed up and heading home, we stopped at the Route 66 Village.

Then the road home. It was a nice, but HOT time in Tulsa.  A little city we liked a lot.

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