Monday, June 19, 2017

Kaua'i Hawai'i

We're setting out on our next family vacation!  This time the beautiful island of Kaua'i Hawai'i.

On the second leg of our 3 leg journey to get there, in Dallas, we met up with Cousin Tony, Tammi, Meghan, and Sara.  We also hear the news about Levi who isn't able to join us at the last minute due to mono and related ailments.  What a bummer!


The Point at Poipu is where we stayed for the week.  Shipwreck Beach was a 10 minute walk in front of the Hyatt.

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Canyon did the best he could hanging out by the waves.  We took the boot off but when it is off he would not be as careful with his leg. It was very difficult trying to get the wheelchair out on and back in from the sand.

Sahara took a selfie with everyone.

We got to meet and get to know Bob (or Buncle Bob as Canyon calls him), Kristy's new husband. :)

We didn't realize it at the time, but we were all getting very sunburned.

Spent some time at Poipu Beach snorkeling.  Would have gotten some great photos and videos of the fancy tropical fish but Sahara's phone bit the dust on this beach when the Lifeproof cover on it failed and it filled with water.  Yikes!  

Gathering at the McCabe-Boer condo.

Our postcard view off the lanai.

Spouting Horn.

Beautiful and tasty fruit from a local fruit stand.

Beautiful and tasty fruit in our drinks.

Bummer news this morning....just as we were stepping out for our back country tubing excursion, we got a call from the company that it was cancelled for the day.  They couldn't rebook such a large group so we didn't get to tube through the tunnels. 

Shopping in Lihu'e while Dad, Tony, Bob, and Caleb went golfing.

A visit to the Kaua'i Humane Society.

Chillin' on the patio off the front lobby.

Kilauea Lighthouse.

The Tunnel of Trees.

Sahara bought a pineapple to bring home.

Wailua Falls

Local selling the yummiest bread by the Falls.

Waterfall hunting in a place called Hanalei. We didn't see Puff though.

Sun bathing even after the burn.

Pool and hot tub at The Point.

Chickens everywhere.

Waimea Canyon State Park.


Luau at the Sheraton.

This dancer gave Canyon his leggings after the luau to (help heal Canyon's leg).

One last look at the sea turtles and beach.

And a farewell to the leis hung in the tree at the condo. 

Family picture of the whole crew!
(photo credit - Emily Moretz)

Goodbye Kaua'i!

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