Thursday, June 29, 2017

I Now Have A SOUL 😁

It was harder than it sould have been saying goodbye to Sporty. He's been in the family since the summer before Canyon started kindergarten. He's taken us to AZ, TX, MO, LA, FL, and SC ... On 10-12 separate trips. Also, we were just going to look and test drive. I really didn't plan to buy on the spot.
But after some poking around on the lot, we came across exactly what I was looking for. They had it only 4 days and it was filthy. So after deciding that, yes, I did want it, it had to go through certification and detail. It made for a long day at the dealership.
It's a 2016 Soul! (Exclaim!) with 21,000 miles. New enough for me!
It has all the bells and whistles and options I didn't even know were possible for this car.
Heated and cooled seats, rear camera, panoramic sun roof, and more. Her name is still up for debate.

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