Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day Events

Sahara made me this t-shirt.  It's from the movie Mean Girls.

Canyon calls me Mather when he is being silly about it.

Then we went up on Petit Jean for a hike.

It was a nice sunny and warm day.  

Sahara is wearing her Fur Mama shirt she made for herself.

We finally made it to the water.  We missed getting up close to the waterfall.  We always seem to take the wrong trail when we hike here.  Next time we need to stop for a map at the visitors center.

After our hike, we stopped at Mather Lodge for lunch.

Canyon thinks this place has the perfect name!

Our table view.

They changed things up a bit since we ate here last.  They have a buffet now.  It was very good.  

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