Thursday, April 13, 2017

Raising the Roof

The Equestrian Zone has a Boots and Benefactors party every year to raise money to keep the hippo-therapy going.  This year they are raising money to put a roof over the arena so it can be used in the heat of summer and in the rain.  We had gone to one of these several years ago, but they are a bit fancier now.  They should be at $50 a ticket.  Luckily, Sahara and I were gifted tickets this year and Canyon got in free because his is a rider.

The Barn at Twin Oaks is a popular wedding venue.  It's not far away, but it's spendy.  We took pictures around the grounds.

Sahara is really thinking of doing succulents as a wedding theme at some point in her life.  She got some cute ideas with their succulent theme.

Dinner was buffet / cowboy style with pulled pork, BBQed chicken, beans, coleslaw, and bread.  Plus lots of edible succulent cupcakes.

Our favorite photographer friend, Melanie, was there to document the event and we got a shot with her.

I was a fun evening and perfect weather.  I hope we get to go again!

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